Firm Foundation


In an ongoing effort to stay ahead of cutting edge developments in accounting and consulting services, Bessolo | Haworth is a member of Firm Foundation, an international accounting firm association with more than 100 local firm members throughout the country.  As a member of Firm Foundation, Bessolo Haworth can access unlimited tools and resources that are typically available only through large national and international accounting and consulting firms.  Access to these many times complex resources, are automatically coupled with Bessolo Haworth’s ability to provide a level of service and attention that only an independent, locally-owned firm can offer.

In the ever-changing world of public accounting, Firm Foundation provides technical training to its member firms by offering training and development in a variety of practice areas.  Ongoing training is available to stay abreast of new tax laws, audit and accounting standards, industry-specific information and changes in the economy.  This training keeps the firm’s accounting professionals current with relevant and necessary information to provide excellent service to clients.       

In addition to technical development training, Bessolo | Haworth employees have access to, and participate in, numerous career development and training programs.  Throughout the year, the firm’s partners attend numerous partner development programs and managers attend education and training to support ongoing development as a leader of complex client engagements.  This enhanced training prepares accounting staff for added leadership opportunities that both benefit employees and the clients they serve.