Our Services

Shani Shakury CPA is an Accounting & Auditing team member at Bessolo Haworth.


Whether you require a full audit, review or compilation, the team at Bessolo | Haworth is prepared to help. Through ongoing professional education and internal mentoring programs, we guarantee all of our CPAs are highly skilled, trained and prepared. Our extensive experience working for a variety of private companies and individuals allows us to efficiently determine and address our clients’ unique needs.

“Of the numerous functions I perform to help clients achieve their goals, accounting and auditing is at the core of the client services we provide. I enjoy seeing the many different ways a clients’ business can grow and how I help them stay in compliance and on target to meet their business goals.” ~ SHANI SHAKURY, CPA

Greg Jackson CPA is a Tax Planning & Preparation team member at Bessolo Haworth.


Our team of experienced tax professionals are committed to maximizing current and future financial opportunities for our clients, at tax time as well as throughout the year. We offer clients year-round advice and consultation, keeping them apprised of the latest tax regulations and ensuring tax liability is at an appropriate level.  We are also experienced in international tax laws and filings. 

“At the beginning of each year, there are many new tax laws and initiatives and this year is no exception. It’s important that we stay abreast of all current and new tax laws - we understand the important role we play in keeping our clients’ tax obligation as realistic and as manageable as possible.” ~ GREG JACKSON, CPA

Steve Friedenthal CPA is a Financial Planning team member at Bessolo Haworth.


Our experienced financial-planning professionals oversee close to $5 billion dollars in assets and are among the most sought-after advisors in the area. We advise our clients in all areas of financial planning including asset allocation, portfolio performance evaluation, cash flow planning, analysis of investment opportunities, retirement planning and estate and business-succession planning.

“Our clients trust our financial planning advice.  It’s no wonder that a clients’ confidence in our work is just one of the many reasons financial planning is one of our most sought-after services. I’m proud to work with a team of professional financial planning experts here at the firm. ~ STEVE FRIEDENTHAL, CPA

Sasha Baluka CPA is a Business Advisors team member at Bessolo Haworth.


Today, having a team of knowledgeable financial professionals is not only a smart business choice - it’s a critical choice. At Bessolo | Haworth, we are passionate about helping you plan, manage, and optimize your business. Our collaborative approach ensures that you’ll have top-notch support and advice for every aspect of your business portfolio.

“The most rewarding aspect of serving clients as a business advisor is seeing, first-hand, how the advice I provide, positively impacts their business. It’s enjoyable to watch a clients’ business grow and I feel I’m growing along with the clients I serve.” ~ SASHA BALUKA, CPA

Marina Rhzhanovskaya is a Bookkeeping team member at Bessolo Haworth.


We understand that tracking and monitoring financial results depends on high quality bookkeeping services. We provide services to help you with monthly financial reconciliation, closing your books on a monthly, quarterly and/or annual schedule, payroll services and sales tax preparation.

“Bookkeeping is important for business and I understand it’s where everything connected with financial management begins and sometimes, ends. The detail required for quality bookkeeping fits my personality and I enjoy reconciling each and every dollar.” ~ MARINA RYZHANOVSKAYA